Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mom---"a complicated character"

I recently entered the first two chapters of the book I am endeavoring to write in a national contest, and I had been notified a couple of months ago that it was a finalist.  Received notice last week that it did not win, but the wonderful thing was the notice came with critiques for improvement---something I really welcome. However, these were not very helpful.
    One stated that Polly--Mom-- was too complicated. "At first she is a nurturing, caring young nurse, but then is cussing out someone, and being an exibitionist."  Well, if they knew Mom, they would know that was her. Loving one minute and yelling and cussing the next.
   Another critic said that Mom's  profanity was unrealistic for women during the WWII time period. Oh, that person must be young and innocent. 
   It was nice to be a finalist, but wish the critics had known Mom.  I acquired many more colorful words and phrases from her than Dad, most often the gentleman.

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  1. Sounds like your mom was quite a character! :-) This is pretty cool! Keep writing!